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Thursday, 01 September 2011 17:01

Exclusive Interview with Datuk Aziz Sattar

Written by Freda Jamaluddin
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Wondering about how to spend your weekends this coming October? Head down to Esplanade’s Pesta Raya 2011 as we celebrate the illustrious journey of Malay custom and the arts. With a variety of ticketed and non-ticketed performances, there is indeed something for everyone, regardless of age!

Singapore's Malay Entertainment Portal is honoured with a chance to interview Datuk Aziz Sattar, who is leading one of Pesta Raya’s most anticipated productions, “Kembali ke Jalan Ampas”. Sitting comfortably amidst the joyful commotion of the festive season, the admired thespian that needs no formal introduction, shares enthusiastically about his time at Jalan Ampas, where the birth of the golden age of Malay cinema transpired.

Speaking about what he hopes to bring across to audiences of “Kembali ke Jalan Ampas” the much-loved comedian shares,

“Dahulu apabila kita membuat sesuatu kerja itu, kita mencari kesan. Kesan itu penting. Kesan itu lah yang kita mengharapkan.”

As to why the films from Jalan Ampas have managed to transcend not only time but also language, Datuk Aziz attributes its success to the extraordinary vision and dedication of the staff and crew at Jalan Ampas. He speaks at length about the camaraderie present at the once revered production house, where feedback was often regulated among staff, crew and actors.

“Dua puluh empat jam kami shooting, dua puluh empat jam lah kami ketawa! Di samping itu juga kita memberi pendapat. Kerana pendapat pengarah tidak semestinya lengkap, ada ketinggalan yang berada di orang lain. ”

On 15th September 1967, Jalan Ampas closed its doors, leaving most of its occupants: actors, staff, crew members, lost and at shock, losing the place they knew had provided so much. Reminiscing his time at Jalan Ampas, Datuk Aziz was met with a bittersweet feeling.

“Saya sentiasa bersedih, menangis, tetapi dalam ketawa.”

If you crave for a heartfelt experience with veteran entertainers from the pinnacle of Malay cinema, be sure to catch “Kembali ke Jalan Ampas” on the 2nd of October, Sunday, 5pm, at the Esplanade Recital Studio. For more information do check out

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